No More Waste

Even before I came to ChildFund, I detested waste. I detest wasting time, energy, money and all kinds of other things.

I detest wasting food in restaurants or at kitchen tables, where more food is provided than is wanted or consumed. I detest buying something that’s not needed or liked, and having it sit unused and sometimes unopened. I detest wasting time doing something over again because it wasn’t done right the first time. I detest something poorly made, knowing it will not be used nor stand the test of time. I detest having closets or garages or attics full of things no longer of use or in favor. I detest something poorly written, never delivering the intended message. I detest rooms too hot in the winter and too cold in the summer, wasting energy and hurting our environment. I detest bottles or cans or jars designed to make it difficult to completely use their contents. I detest overpackaging, wasting plastic or paper and effort. I detest a meeting poorly planned or an event poorly executed, disappointing all involved.

What is the biggest waste of all?

I detest the waste of a human life, the waste of human potential unrealized. I detest knowing that when a child dies from malaria or contaminated water or AIDS, the world loses a potential teacher or engineer or peacemaker. I detest knowing that there are 200 million children under age 5 living today who will never reach their full potential.

Due to the combination of malnutrition and inadequate early stimulation during the once-in-a-lifetime window for rapid growth in young children, their brains will never fully develop and their cognitive ability will be stunted. Put simply, they will never be as smart as they could be. For them, it will not mean the difference between getting an A or a B on a test. For them, it will mean instead of breaking the cycle of poverty into which they were born, they will be destined to continue the cycle and pass it on to their children as well. For all of us it means the waste of human potential our future world needs.

At ChildFund, we are all about unlocking that human potential and putting an end to the waste of a child.