"The less than 1 percent of the U.S. budget that is spent on foreign aid (about $30 billion), is helping build foundational changes in countries around the world: building schools, roads and irrigation systems, providing life-saving vaccines, family planning and other vital healthcare services."

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 Last year, child poverty in America reached record levels: 16.7 million children live in what the government terms “food insecure” households. Read more in my latest HuffPost piece

Children are very honest about what they see around them; they have an incredible gift for insight, even into the not-so-obvious. Read more in my HuffPost about our Small Voices, Big Dreams survey.

A 26-year-old William Jessup University Student, Jackie Turner, posted a Craigslist ad for something out of the ordinary: a family. Like mother, like daughter: Here’s my daughter Emma’s first piece for HuffPost.

Children take comfort in the routines of their daily lives, and when those familiar patterns are disrupted, they can become anxious and unsettled. Poverty already carries with it an element of unpredictability — what will tomorrow be like? Read more in my HuffPost about the aftermath of the typhoon.

Target 5 of the Millennium Development Goals contains dual objectives: (1) reduce by three quarters the maternal mortality rate; and (2) achieve universal access to reproductive health. Progress has been made toward the first goal, but there is much more to do in order to move forward in achieving the second. ChildFund works toward achieving both goals. Read more in my HuffPost.